Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sad weekend !!!

Well last Thursday I spent the night with my mom in the hospital - she had a minor surgery, but had to spend the night....it was not bad - got plenty of sleep. But on my way to work, I got a call that Bear's grandfather passed away. Oh my - I had to call Bear and tell him....that was so hard to do. Bear was pretty close to his grandfather and it just broke my heart. Bear was actually closer to his grandmother who passed away in 1987, but I believe got closer to Papa George after that. He was crazy about his grandparents - both of them. He spent his summers there in Childersburg, hunting birds, fishing and just being a spoiled grandson.
George Limbaugh was a very important person.....he was the Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce in Childersburg, was very high up on the Historical Society, was instrumental on the preservation of the Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge restoration. So needless to say there were lots and lots of people at the funeral. They had it in Childersburg at the 1st Methodist Church of Childersburg on Sunday at 1:00. 4 of the grandchildren spoke about Papa George and then his son-in-law Dale Lloyd (his daughter's husband - Bear's Aunt Lynn) gave a great speech about Papa loving his church, country, city and family. It was heart wrenching, but very very good. We laughed and cried. He was put to rest beside Bear's grandmother Allean. Bear is not a person that shows his emotions. Both the girls were just heartbroken to see him shed a tear. He was able to put a single rose on his grandmother's grave after the funeral services. He has been so quiet for about 4 days now. I know he misses them both terribly. This happens as we get older, we start loosing family. My grandfather Joe Narro, died about 5 years ago, he was like my father and I do not go a day without thinking of him. I know that Bear will be the same way. Lots of our friends called to say how sorry they were. That meant a lot to Bear. Our riding club sent a plant, and that was very very sweet and also meant a lot to Bear.
Papa George -you will be missed terribly......you did great things for your church, city, country, and most of all family and they will all miss you.....even me.