Friday, February 29, 2008

I am going to kill my farrier !!!!!

My hubby....Bear.....
He came home showing me this huge huge cut on his head, right above his forehead, in the hairline.
"Look where I got kicked by a horse today"
OMG - I almost died......I scares me to death sometimes, especially when he goes and does a horse when no one is home.
I freaked out....."What horse??? What horse???"

He then proceeded to tell me he was working on his four-wheeler and hit his head on the footpeg.
I was ready to beat his booty !!!!

He thought it was funny......I did not !!!!!

We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend.....and he wants to work around the house.....not me - I want to ride.
Maybe we can split the difference - I will work Sat and we can ride Sunday !!!

Everyone have a great weekend !!
Happy Trails

Monday, February 25, 2008

Wonderful weekend....

Had a great weekend.......Started off thinking it was not going to be that great. We were supposed to camp and ride with the club at Coleta Valley......camping would be primitive, but that was okay.....we packed up the generator (which we use sparingly), filled the trailer tanks with water and our 55 gallon extra tank for the horses and us if we run out. Well it started raining Thurs rained, it rained, it rained......and it rained......Was still raining a little bit Friday morning. I took off work to go to the grocery for supplies and so we could get move on before noon. Well then the call camping due to too much rain.....crappy !!!!
I was really disappointed even though we could still ride on Saturday, I wanted to camp all weekend. I knew if we rode Sat and came home then we probably would not ride again Sunday. I was jonesin' for some ridin' !!!!!
Just then.......Bear said...."Let's just go to KC"!!! I was major game and we got the dogs and hopped in the truck.......Called 2 couples that were supposed to camp with us at Coleta and they were game also.
We got up there around 5:00 - set up camp - built a fire and cooked some burgers.
Got up Saturday morning and what??????? FREEZING.......OK now - weather man said 50's.....where the heck is the sun? I don't think it got over 38 degrees.
I brought no long underwear and then realized I had left my gloves.......eeeekkkkk!
But we dressed the best we could.....thank goodness I brought my new flannel lined chaps....cooked some breakfast (yummy eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits).....made lunches and tacked up. Left out and rode for about 4.5 hours. Had a great ride. Came back - warmed a Boston Butt I had bought earlier in the week......sat around the campfire and laughed and laughed at V. V. is a friend - she is 26 years old and is the funniest little thing. Her horse's name is Sugar (same as my dog) but I call her Miss America and it is now sticking - everyone is calling her that. She is the prettiest thing, with big eyes and loooooonnnnnngggg eyelashes. She is chestnut with flaxen mane and tail like Chance.
Got up Sunday morning, ate egg sandwiches and tacked up again. Rode for about 3 hours and packed up.
Got home around 5:00 - it was so good to see the fillies - they really missed the boys....they were chasing the trailer as we were driving into the pasture to drop the boys.
Just a fantastic weekend......
I did take several pictures and will post them tomorrow......great waterfall shots.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Been tagged.....

Ok - I am supposed to post an old photo and explain the meaning....I think....
Well I looked and looked last night and really could not find anything. My mom has all of my old horse photos and that is what I would like to post....
So thought I would post a couple of accident photos....I mean my blog name is Seatbelt for my Saddle.

Here is number one....

This is my leg after Bear took a short cut through the woods, that ended up being a big huge rock the minute the horses hit it, they started sliding and falling. I was riding a Big paint mare named Dixie (oh how I miss you Dixie), and bless her heart - she tried everything not to fall on me.....but we went down on her side and I baled off to help her regain her balance. But not before her and the saddle got my leg.

Picture #1

Believe me - it look like a year to heal. I had a huge knot on my leg forever.....I think this happened in 2006.

Next was March of 2007...We were at KC which is my favorite place to horse camp and we go there often. A few of us had got together and went, we got there on Friday early afternoon and decided to hit the trail. After about an hour we all stopped to let the horses drink at the bottom of a hill. I was relaxed letting Dixie drink - had my feet out of the stirrips and all of a sudden - everyone else took off up the hill - full speed. Dixie freaked out, and spun around to take off. Well it almost slung me off, but I recouped - then she took off and when she did I got off balance again....Well not good - there was a tree...I hit it smack on my right eye, it knocked me off the horse, knocked me out - I had a seizure (small).....Bear came to the rescue, smacked me in my face and woke me up. All was fine...(????). I got on my horse and rode sideways back to camp. A few of the gang had already ridden fast back to camp and called the paramedics, when we got to camp - they were ready to check me out....however, I was not....I tee-teed in my pants so was major embarrassed so I headed to the trailer first. LOL. I felt I was fine and refused to go to the hospital, but cannot for the life of me remember anything about that weekend......(this is just what I was told)

Here is right after the accident and then the next morning. By the way - I rode the next day.
Scarey looking huh?

This is Dixie....and by the way - both accidents happened while riding her. Although neither was her fault.

All is well, I am kinda used to it. I am pretty sure I had a concussion, as I already had one the year before - coming off a was pretty much the same feeling....Bear checked on me all night and I was I said rode the next day - I just don't remember it...LOL

Last accident was this past summer and I do not have photo evidence, but was walking down a hill and Jag stepped his right front foot into a 12" hole. I just went off the left side, tried to hold onto his neck and not hit the ground, but I was pulling him down on top of me, so I let go so he could get out of the hole and I hit the ground, face and shoulder first.....ouch...I have a scar from that one.....

OK - now I have to tag 3 others.....and I am so new at this - I don't really know so here goes...Please don't kill me....LOL

Sorry ya'll, but I love reading your blogs....if that means anything.

OK - now someone tell me how to let them know they have been tagged.....

Valentine Kisses


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They finally got me......

Been lurking at everyone's posts for a few days now seeing everyone get tagged for different things, stories, etc......7 things no one knows about me.......6 quirky horse things....etc....
So Oh Horsefeathers got me.....darn it....I thought I was in the clear since it seemed everyone was going back to the normal postings....LOL
I will post this later this afternoon....after I get "some" work done ....
Plus I have to think of 3 people to tag back.....
Stay tuned......
(Oh and thanks again Oh Horsefeathers)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Settlin' In

Want to start off by saying that I have been trying to take some pictures of the fillies since I got them home.....but brought them home Sunday in the pouring pix.....then I did go home early on Monday to try to get some, got a few, but of course if was feeding time and all heads were down. Have not gotten home before dark any this week since, so no more pix yet. Am going to try to get some on Sunday, as we are trail riding this Sat, so probably will not get home in time for pix.

But this has been an adventure.....

Before someone bashes me about mixing in new horses.....let me say this first. Chance (Bear's TWH) loves the babies....he always has. When I had a boarding barn, I would wean the babies using him. I would always give the baby to him and he would protect them from the rest of the herd and also keep them occupied when they would cry for momma. So I was really not concerned about his actions. Now Jag on the other hand, I knew might be an issue, but he is really so laid back and is so in love with Chance I figured he would just follow Chance's lead.
We put the girls out with the boys and all was fine. Chance was grooming, and loving on them....while Jag just stayed clear....after about an hour - it started......Jag started chasing them around and trying to kick at them. Chance then followed suit. I was sooooo mad at the girls away and put the boys in the front pasture. Chance was heartbroken......he just stood at the fence calling them. I guess Jag might have figured out that he is no longer at the bottom of the pecking order he is going to show them.....

Well each day we have been giving them about an hour together and all has been well. So today I left them all out together (actually the girls broke my little home-made gate that I had between the pastures.....mental note - buy a 12 foot gate Friday). I have been worried all day and have begged Bear to try to get by there.....

Just got a text message from him.....a picture of all baby laying down.....everyone is fine and dandy......whew....!!!!!!

I knew they would get it together.....either that or the boys would be in permanent time out !!
Here are a couple of pictures I took Monday afternoon.....
This is Chick and Destiny. Destiny is not mine, just borrowing her for a while, she is for sale.
Thanks for letting me share......