Friday, February 29, 2008

I am going to kill my farrier !!!!!

My hubby....Bear.....
He came home showing me this huge huge cut on his head, right above his forehead, in the hairline.
"Look where I got kicked by a horse today"
OMG - I almost died......I scares me to death sometimes, especially when he goes and does a horse when no one is home.
I freaked out....."What horse??? What horse???"

He then proceeded to tell me he was working on his four-wheeler and hit his head on the footpeg.
I was ready to beat his booty !!!!

He thought it was funny......I did not !!!!!

We are supposed to have beautiful weather this weekend.....and he wants to work around the house.....not me - I want to ride.
Maybe we can split the difference - I will work Sat and we can ride Sunday !!!

Everyone have a great weekend !!
Happy Trails


Mrs Mom said...

Oh good grief Jamie..... talk about making your freaking heart just STOP. Bad Bear, bad bad bad!! Don't do that to your wife again there dude.... not if you don't want burned dinners for the rest of the year!

On a serious note, Dear hUsband knows a few guys who have been SERIOUSLY injured when working alone, and we have a rule that even with the two of us there, we do NOT trim if the owner or a handler is not present. Period. It has saved our butts a couple of times too.

Be safe out there Big Bad Bear- your Mrs has plans for you for a good long time-- and she needs you in one piece and not sitting int he corner drooling on yourself! ;)

Jamie said...

Oh definitely....I really really hate it when he does horses when no one is home. In fact - I have really stopped scheduling them that way....I need someone there - even an elderly least someone to call 911.
Even a great horse can get spooked at any time and knock you in your noggin....

Rising Rainbow said...

oh, that just isn't funny. I'm afraid I'd be right there with mre mom, there'd have to be consequences for that heart stopping prank, NOT GOOD!

It always amazes me what farriers and vets put up with from people's horses. I would never put up with even half that stuff. I can understand why Mrs Mom and her hubs have that rule.

somebody said...