Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just call me "Jemma"

Here is my grandbaby. My daughter is 11 weeks, and 2 days pregnant today, and I got to go to the ultrasound appt with her.
My youngest daughter is 23 (Haleigh), and she and her hubs (Ronnie) are expecting their first child and my first grandbaby.

I never thought I would be a grandmother at 43......I am too young to be an old blue haired, walking with a cane grandmother....LOL
Just kidding. My mother has been a grandmother for 24 years and she looks awesome, and I hope that when my grandbaby is 24 I look just as good.

Just wanted to announce my exciting news.
Been showing every weekend, I have gotten a ribbon in every class I have shown in.....Might now have always been a blue, but at least it is a ribbon and I am having a blast.
Hopefully life will slow down now that it is too hot to trail ride, and I can get some posting in.

Might help if I can get a new camera. Mine is shot....and I depend on others to take pictures and share with me. Anniversary not too far away, maybe I will throw some hints.....

Take care bloggy world and I will keep you updated on this little grape in my daughter's belly.
Oh by the way - I want "it" to call me "Jemma".....not sure why I like that but I do. We already have too many Memis', Memaws', Nannys, etc.... in our family so I tried to come up with something different.
Bear will be Papa Bear (Haleigh came up with that)

Happy "Baby" Trails