Monday, May 18, 2009

I survived.....actually better than I thought !!

Just a couple of lines, to let everyone know that I survived the flag carrying....She did AWESOME. Couple of pics....hope to have more later.

And did way better in my class than I thought I would. I am a "club" show person, basically just the weekend show people - now don't get me wrong some of those club people are very serious...but me....well I just do this for fun, and bonding with my horse. I don't take it too seriously - I mean there is no color ribbon in the world that can tell me how wonderful my horse is to me....right girls !!!???!!!

Anyway - this was a sanctioned show.....and believe me - these people are SERIOUS !!!!! Big 100,000 $$$ rigs, and VERY expensive show horses.....not free like mine...LOL

Well we took 2nd place and that is HUGE !!!! I hope to have more pics, these are from the photographer, and all my friends were there taking pics, they just have to go through them and send me the best ones.....

Thanks for all the good thoughts, and I might even have a video of the flag carrying later in the week.

Love you guys !!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

I miss you all !!!!

I promise I'll be back.....I promise I miss you all terribly.
My life has been a whirlwind, as I am sure everyone's has.

Work has been just out of this world programming.....heading up duties....etc....etc....etc.....

Been working this girl - getting ready to carry the flag in the opening ceremonies of the Columbiana "Heart of Dixie" Walking Horse Show (BIG TIME HORSE SHOW), this Saturday and competing, not to mention the fact that I have been competing in club shows every Saturday. (Let's see...I think since March I have gotten about 3-1sts, 4-5 2nds, 2- 3rds, 2-4ths, 2-5ths. I will break it down in my next post, and post some pictures, but for now - just leaving you with this one. I am begging everyone to take pictures Sat, and I think Kat is even going to video the flag carrying......eeeekkkkk!!!!! I will be the only horse, the only flag and all eyes on me for that LOOOOONNNNGGGG National Anthem....LOL

I am expecting all your good vibes come Saturday about 5:00pm central time......

Spending the day tomorrow working the girlie, and playing with her and the flag. She is doing awesome, not scared of it at is just going to be combining that with music, 1000+ people, a covered indoor arena, and lots of stuff going on around we will see. I have faith....

Love you all and miss you - and I PROMISE to catch up with everyone very soon !!!
Took this picture Tues night after practicing.....
Gosh - she is hot stuff !!!!!