Friday, February 26, 2010

Colton's first trail / parking lot horse ride !

We were in a Cowboy Day's Parade this past Saturday, and so Haleigh brought Colton to get him out for a bit. The weather here has been so horrible and it was a very nice day. So you know we had to take him for his first horse ride. I did not move while holding him. I just sat on my horse (Rio is still a youngster), however Bear rode him all around the parking lot while we were waiting. He wanted to ride him in the parade but Haleigh put her foot down....LOL

We are really enjoying our new bundle ( I mean cowboy )

My sweet daughter and her gorgeous baby !!!

Colton sporting Poppy's sunglasses !!!! (You can see both of us in the reflection)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just a picture of a day !!!!

How do you like my "little cowboy" ????
We are smitten.........Bear is Head over Heels......already looking for a pony, four-wheeler, bass boat (he says for him and Colton - yeah right !!), guns for hunting and fishing poles for fishing.
Miss you guys....but just had to stick my head in and say Hi ! and show my little cowboy off.
Riding season is just around the corner....I have not ridden my horse since Thanksgiving, and Chick is broke and ready to ride this year - so I will have to split my time up between her and Rio. We have a Cowboy Parade this weekend to ride in with our club. Should be fun - kind of an Old West Day with bank robbery, wagons, good chili, etc.....
I am supposed to carry the flag.....we will see what Rio says about that Sat morning...LOL
Love you all !!!
Jemma !

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Has it been 9 months???????

Colton Dewayne Beasley, born December 29th. 7 lbs, 11 oz. 19 inches long
I am a proud Jemma !!!!!!!!

Don't you love his outfit !!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just call me "Jemma"

Here is my grandbaby. My daughter is 11 weeks, and 2 days pregnant today, and I got to go to the ultrasound appt with her.
My youngest daughter is 23 (Haleigh), and she and her hubs (Ronnie) are expecting their first child and my first grandbaby.

I never thought I would be a grandmother at 43......I am too young to be an old blue haired, walking with a cane grandmother....LOL
Just kidding. My mother has been a grandmother for 24 years and she looks awesome, and I hope that when my grandbaby is 24 I look just as good.

Just wanted to announce my exciting news.
Been showing every weekend, I have gotten a ribbon in every class I have shown in.....Might now have always been a blue, but at least it is a ribbon and I am having a blast.
Hopefully life will slow down now that it is too hot to trail ride, and I can get some posting in.

Might help if I can get a new camera. Mine is shot....and I depend on others to take pictures and share with me. Anniversary not too far away, maybe I will throw some hints.....

Take care bloggy world and I will keep you updated on this little grape in my daughter's belly.
Oh by the way - I want "it" to call me "Jemma".....not sure why I like that but I do. We already have too many Memis', Memaws', Nannys, etc.... in our family so I tried to come up with something different.
Bear will be Papa Bear (Haleigh came up with that)

Happy "Baby" Trails