Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Horse Show

I have never been so nervous in all my life. Have been getting ready for this for weeks, but was fine...no nerves....until Friday....then it started. Crazy, crazy nerves. I went to Janet's to ride Rio, she was fantastic, did everything asked of her. But then everything Janet was telling me to do, was going in one ear and out the other. I could not retain anything. I just said to myself oh well, it will all work out. She had planned for me to wear a radio in my ear and she would talk me through it.
Took Rio home and tucked her in. Swam Friday evening to relax and had a few beers, and played Wii. Went to bed at around 11pm and at 6am I was wide awake, and those big gigantic birds were in my gut.
Got Rio out and scrubbed her clean, braided her tail and mane.....thanks Janet and Jen for helping me. Also thanks Jen for helping me do everything that morning. I had no brain. About 15 minutes before we left I started feeling sick.....then I threw up on the driveway....LOL.....everyone was laughing at me.....including myself.
Drove to the show, and was kinda getting excited. Drank a couple of beers to try to calm the nerves. Got the show clothes on and man it was HOT !!!
Got her all tacked up (Gosh she was pretty).....rode her around the showgrounds a bit, I thought she would be nervous too, but she acted like a pro.
Then it was time for my class, I was only supposed to show in one class, but Jim and Bear ended up signing me up for another one right after the one I was going into. Which freaked me out again. But I was trying to be a big girl....
Went into the ring, and felt I was doing okay......did my thing.....or I think I did, I actually just could not believe I was in there. Did the slow walk, then the favorite gait....okay going smoothly. The judge asked for a reverse.....I am thinking okay - turn toward the judge - one handed now. And then I realized I just did a 360.....OMG.....what did I just do????? Janet was in my ear, "Turn back around!!!!!" and goofy me hollered out......"I AM!!!" I guess not thinking that everyone could hear me.......Everyone just laughed. So I did a reining manuever in a gaited show....LOL !!!! We lined up and Rio backed for me really nicely. Bless her heart - she was probably thinking......."I need to get this right - Mom has already made and Ass of herself" There were only 3 horses in this class and I did get 2nd. So I was glad.
Next class......I just stayed in the ring....and low and behold I was the only participant.....oh great - not only am I a bag of nerves.....but now I have to be one with this whole place starring at me. Did the best I could and felt it was okay for my first show.....and guess what I got a 1st......LOLOLOLOL.....OK what else could I get....I was the only participant......(Do not tell anyone and they will never know. )
The judge did tell me that I had a gorgeous mare and I should be showing her every weekend. So there !!!! Or maybe he was just being nice......he was really thinking - you have a gorgeous mare - find someone who knows what they are doing to show her......no really - he was very very complimentary and very nice.
The best thing about the entire day was that all of my friends were there to support me....And my mom, my dad, my sister, and one of my daughters were there.
We had a blast and I cannot wait to do it again - I will be better next time......(remember 180 Jamie, not 360)

Some pictures:

Where to start.....ok - let’s start with my award......or should I say now AWARDS !! Woo-Hoo !!
To my surprise - checked on Monday and had received an Arte y Pico Award from TrainWreck over at http://www.cowboysandsunsets.com/. I cannot believe I actually got an award......I am so new at this and still trying to figure things out - like adding pictures, etc. Not to mention I don’t think I am very interesting, even though I do have a crazy, busy life and sometimes funny things to happen to me.....(stay tuned). Anywhoo - THANKS TrainWreck - you are a "Gem" and I love reading your blog, looking and your pictures - especially the one I have at my house !!!!! You are truly a great BBF to me !! (By the way - I love the BBF - and have been using it alot - hope you don’t care)

Here is my award from TrainWreck - my giveaways are below

Then this morning, another shocker !!! I got another award.....this time from Twinville from http://laughingorcaranch.blogspot.com/. It is an Awesome Site Award......(Man, do I have a lot to live up to now).

I have just found her and started reading her blog......(actually she found me.....so then I went over and spent about half a day catching up on her blog - and I love it). A HUGE THANKS to you to girl, my new BBF !!!!

Here is my award from Twinville:

So now I have to give away some Arte y Pico Awards.....that will not be hard to do ......I have so many that I love to read. So here goes:

1. You have to pick 5 blogs that you think deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language.2. Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.4. The award-winner and the one who has given the prize must show the link of the "Arte y Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. http://arteypico.blogspot.com/

One of my first blogs to start reading is also a friend of mine who I met on AL/GA Horse Lovers site (http://groups.msn.com/AlabamaandGeorgiaHorseLovers/), we have gotten to be friends via the web and email. The most exciting part of knowing Tonya is that I got to be a part of her having a new baby this year. She kept me posted on finding out, going through the pregnancy and even sent me an email from the hospital along with pictures and all. Baby Bird is adorable and every time I get new pictures, everyone in my office has to come see her. She is adorable. Tonya’s first husband and father of 2 of her girls passed away, and she remarried a wonderful man who has stepped up to the plate (Big Time), has become a terrific father to her girls and even enjoys the horses and her daughters barrel racing. Tonya also inspires me to be a better Christian, she is very devoted to her faith and always knows the right things to say to me when I am down. I have shared personal stuff with her and she always helps me get through it. Tonya you are the best........http://www.thereisaseason.net/
Second will have to be Trail Riding Cowgirl at http://trailridingcowgirl.blogspot.com/ I have been reading her blog for a while, but we have just now started corresponding. I realized she was going on a trail ride not too far from me, and realize it was a possibility to us to hook up sometimes and meet. She has a horse named Harley who is gorgeous and I love reading about him and what great progress he has made.....or she has made with him. Love ya girl and we need to plan that ride to Buffalo River next year.....
Third ........will have to be Mrs Mom at http://ohhorsefeathers.blogspot.com/ . I love, love, love to read her blog......her rants, her flip outs on crazy people who put their children on crazy horses....LOL......but we have lots in common.....although we are not barefoot trimmers, my hubby Bear is a farrier.....now I love that she does not "Dog" us.....LOL....and I think she knows that Bear loves the idea of keeping a horse barefooted and sound and he tries to do this as much as possible.....while still keeping our clients happy. Thanks Mrs Mom for always giving me great comments and cheering me on.....(BTW....keep her on your good side.....She carries !!)
Fourth will have to be Jen at http://brightlondonsky.blogspot.com/ ......Now I am very interested in reading horsey blogs, but Jen is freaking hilarious. She brightens my day with her funny take on things.......she will just post a work conversation and I almost pee in my pants......I followed her this year with the passing of her father (Bless her heart - I cried with her, even though she does not know it).....and the reunion of her 1st love......they are moving along quite well, and I enjoy reading the joy in her posts of them reuniting. Great job keeping me in stitches Jen.
Last, but certainly not least....is Tanis at http://theredneckmommy.com/ .....Now I think I found this blog through TrainWreck and she is really really popular, so hope she appreciates this award from me. She may not even be able to read all of her comments (she gets so many), and realize I sent it to her......But if nothing else, I can share her link with you.....She is soooooooo funny - this girl will make you shoot whatever you are drinking out of your nose.....(so make she not to take a swallow before you read). She is so graphic with her writing, that you almost feel you are watching her on a movie or something. I really really enjoy her blog as well.
Ok - now with all of that done.....I now remember I have been tagged by Twinville at http://laughingorcaranch.blogspot.com/ ....to spill the beans.....or to share 6 things you guys do not know about me......Ok - here goes.....(not in any particular order or importance).
#1.....I have 3 dads....or at least I had 3 dads.....2 living. My biological dad died when I was 3. He was shot, and the man who shot him is still in prison....and I hope he stays there. My mom was very young - probably 21, and met Dad #2, shortly there after and married him. He adopted me shortly there after and that is where I learned what I know about horses. He raised and broke horses and his entire family was involved one way or another with horses......breaking, showing, raising, etc.....So that is where I learned to love "The Horse".....after 12 years of marriage my "parents" divorced, and 4 years later my mom met my Dad #3....who is still my dad today. I was fifteen or so when they married and bless his heart - he had to put up with a crazy teenager. He had not kids of his own, so about 2 years later they had a little girl. My sister and I are 17 years apart. I do not have much to do with Dad #2, as he has been married about 4 times since then, and has oogles of step-sons, and step-daughters and now is living with my best friend from high school...That is right my 65 year old dad is with my 42 year old friend......and that is just weird to me. Anyway they have their own little crazy life, and some of the things they do I don’t approve of or want around me or my family, so I am just proud that I have Dad #3.
#2. My sister that I was speaking about above has Prater-Willie Syndrome. It is a genetic disorder, which causes obesity and borderline mental problems. She is 25 years old and has been in and out of the hospital her entire life. She has diabetes, congestive heart failure, she is very obese, and has lots and lots of problems. My poor mother has her hands full and I respect her more than any other person on this planet. She has spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to help her. She will never be able to live on her own. There is no cure.
#3. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. I take Embrel shots twice a week, and my doctor says I could go on disability if I wanted to. I said "NO!". He also has told me to be as active as I can, and keep riding horses as long as I can. It keeps me going. My doctors wife has Lupus which is similar (T-1 illness) and she is a hunter-jumper. He says if it were not for her horses she would go insane.
#4. I have been married twice. I was married to my girl’s father for 12 years. Got married at 18.....I was pregnant. Had Jess - my oldest the month before I turned 19, and had Haleigh 15 months later. (I finally realized what caused it..LOL) After 12 years, my husband decided he wanted to be single and party all the time, which you cannot do with 2 small girls. So we parted ways. It killed my girls.....he was a great father and after the split he hardly ever saw them. I met Bear, and we fell in love, and have been married for almost 11 years now. We tried to have kids (I had a tubal-reversal), but it never happened. Bear is looking forward to grandkids. He did not have any of his own before - (Oh - he was married for a couple of years to a girl that he had been dating since they were 15 years old.....it was hard on him)....but then I came along and SAVED HIM......tee-hee !
OK......let’s get to some happier stuff.......
#5. I love beer !!! I love beer !!!! I know - most people say.....oh gross....I hate the taste of beer. Well not me !! I love it - would rather drink it than coke, tea, or anything. I am not an alcoholic....I promise. But it does drive Bear crazy. He is not a beer drinker - now he does love him some Crown....
#6. I hate to clean house !!!! I hate to wash clothes !! I hate to cook !!! I should have been a man !! Really, really I do hate housework - of course I do not know many women who like housework. Bear is a clean freak, and he has really had to adjust to me. Now I am not a slob or nasty. I clean when it needs to be cleaned - I am just not OCD. I hate to make up the bed every morning......why do this? I will be back soon to get back in it. I hate to dust.....it makes me sneeze, and when I sneeze - I pee in my pants. I need a bladder tack. I need a maid.
Well that is about it.....This is the longest post ever !!
Gonna go ahead and get this one done and hopefully later today I can get the horse show pictures on, and tell you all about my day.
Do just want to say - I am really trying to get better at this, and thanks to everyone for the support I have gotten so far.
Also I need to figure out how to post just the name of the blog and it link to it instead of having the entire link......help someone !!
Crap and now having trouble getting my paragraphs to separate.....I guess #7 should be I am very new at this......oh you all already know that !!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

So much to tell.....so little time !!

Ok, Ok, Ok
Gonna make a quickie here, but will elaborate tomorrow (I promise). Work is crazy today, and I did not get here until noon. I have a great job and usually have a little time each day to post. But had a sick doggie this morning and had to make a vet stop.

Horse show was fine. I was nervous as hell.....threw up on the driveway before I left..LOL
Got a blue and a red ribbon (but will have to explain those......don't get too excited)
Rio was fantastic......actually better than fantastic and tried to help me not look like an idiot (I said she tried - more later) But all in all I had a fantastic time and am READY to go again !!

Train Wreck at http://www.cowboysandsunsets.com/ has made my day and given me an Arte y Pico award and I will list all about that and my awards I would like to hand out.
You sweet pea, Train Wreck - how did you know I needed this????

Also I have been tagged by Twinville at http://laughingorcaranch.blogspot.com/ to list 6 things you don't know about me......oh this will be good.

Anyway everyone - please be patient.....The rest of my week should allow me plenty of time for pictures from the horse show and allow me to share my embarrassment (oh yeah !!)......and also to give back to the bloggy world for what I have been given.....

I love you all for your support this past weekend.......friends (for being there, holding my hair..LOL, taking pictures, sharing your lipstick, beer, etc.......; BBF (Best Blog Friends) for your support and awards !!!!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

There are Pterodactyls in my stomach !! Oh my !!

So this Saturday will be my first ever show. Bear has talked me into showing Rio, our new SSH. I am sooooooo nervous already. I keep running it through my head - everything from taking the blue....to.....falling on my Ass.....(fat ass -I might add....remember "John Goodman").

Anyway - this is a very short post and work has been HELL this week with a guy originally from Australia who now lives in Japan has been in our office all week training. I had to train him all day Tuesday which means today (Thurs) I am still doing Wednesday's work. I am supposed to get off tomorrow at noon to go ride Rio for the last time until doomsday.....Saturday. So got to get back to the grindstone and finish this crap up.

Just wanted to ask everyone in blogville or shoot me some good vibes......pray.....give sacrifices....whatever you need to do to get me through Saturday without puking on a judge...LOL

I have no expectations of ribbons (although she did get a yellow her first show - but that was with an experienced show rider), but just want to get my feet wet, and see if this is something I might want to do outside of trail riding.

Thanks guys in advance for the good vibes, and I will have pictures to post on Monday.
Oh also have a post and pictures in the works of Chance (Bear's TWH) helping him wash the truck - suds on the muzzle and all.

Until Monday.......
Happy showring...
Barnchik !!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gosh...and all along I thought I was cute... :)

Ok - so this morning while I was blog trolling...ie..reading all of my best blogs....I came across something that sounded fun....."What celebrity do I look like?" I was over at TrainWreck's blog http://www.cowboysandsunsets.com/ and she had the neatest thing....you can load your photo and this website will match you with who you look like (celebrity-wise). The site is http://www.myheritage.com/collage ......if you dare !!!!!

So here I go ..... I upload my picture, now it is not the greatest picture.....I don't take many pictures of myself....mostly I am the camera holder.....anyway I proceed.....it takes a few minutes to get the results.....and low and behold it matches me with 8 celebs.....ok so I forgot to pick the gender.....but there were only 2 women celebs that I matched with - of whom I do not think I look like at all....but I also didn't think I was as chunky as I am until I saw some pool pictures this year (Note to self: You gotta start that diet)

Ok....so the women I look like are ..... Sofia Coppola 58% (who I don't know) and Rachel McAdams 58% (from The Notebook).....she is gorgeous and I look nothing like her....

Now for the real eye-opener !!!
It says I look like Michael Keaton 54%; Luke Perry 55% (I always knew I could be on Bev Hills 90210); Gene Hackman 57% for Christ sakes; Norman Mailer 57% (Hey Marilyn Monroe would have loved me); Liam Neeson 59%......Now....this is what takes the cake

The celeb that I most look like 63%......is...............John Goodman.....WTF !!!!! Roseanne's husband???????
OK, I know I have gained a few pounds.....but John Goodman.....OMG!!!! I am devastated !!

I guess I should start taking the booty calls from the Bear when I can get them, instead of pretending I am asleep......I guess I should be glad he still loves me and wants to be with me .....I mean I do look like John Goodman.......

or should I worry about the Bear????

Thanks TrainWreck - really, really this was fun.......no joke

This weekend - I am getting my hair done, my make up done and having a professional photographer take some pictures of me........then I am going back and doing it again !!! LOL

Ok - everyone try this.....I was going to post the results on here, but decided it was too depressing......so maybe I will if I can get some better looking celebs.....or at least some women !!

I am going home now to love on my horses.....at least they don't care if I look like John Goodman.

Until next time.
Happy Trails !!

Monday, July 7, 2008

A great day at my house !! Indepence Day for Chick !!

Chick is now 14 months old.....been working with her on her ground work and yesterday my trainer / friend J came over to help me. Brought her driving stuff, and put the saddle on for the first time. She did so good....J even got on her for a couple of minutes and made a loop or two around the round pen. She did not even blink an eye. I am so proud of this little filly, and I can't wait til I can take her on the trail. We have just bonded like no other horse I have ever had. I hope we continue our relationship like it is going.
I am not a trainer by any means and this is my first ground up horse....so I hope I am doing her justice. Just been taking a little bit of info from everyone and doing my own thing.

Here are some pictures. Hope to keep updating her progress via my bloggie....

Have not been posting much, but I definitely have been reading everyone's blogs and just enjoy my little time in the day finding out what everyone has been up to.

Saddle on for first time

Getting the bit


Learning to back with the bit.

1st ride....(only for a minute or two)

The On lookers !!!!