Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gosh...and all along I thought I was cute... :)

Ok - so this morning while I was blog all of my best blogs....I came across something that sounded fun....."What celebrity do I look like?" I was over at TrainWreck's blog and she had the neatest can load your photo and this website will match you with who you look like (celebrity-wise). The site is ......if you dare !!!!!

So here I go ..... I upload my picture, now it is not the greatest picture.....I don't take many pictures of myself....mostly I am the camera holder.....anyway I takes a few minutes to get the results.....and low and behold it matches me with 8 celebs.....ok so I forgot to pick the gender.....but there were only 2 women celebs that I matched with - of whom I do not think I look like at all....but I also didn't think I was as chunky as I am until I saw some pool pictures this year (Note to self: You gotta start that diet) the women I look like are ..... Sofia Coppola 58% (who I don't know) and Rachel McAdams 58% (from The Notebook).....she is gorgeous and I look nothing like her....

Now for the real eye-opener !!!
It says I look like Michael Keaton 54%; Luke Perry 55% (I always knew I could be on Bev Hills 90210); Gene Hackman 57% for Christ sakes; Norman Mailer 57% (Hey Marilyn Monroe would have loved me); Liam Neeson 59%......Now....this is what takes the cake

The celeb that I most look like Goodman.....WTF !!!!! Roseanne's husband???????
OK, I know I have gained a few pounds.....but John Goodman.....OMG!!!! I am devastated !!

I guess I should start taking the booty calls from the Bear when I can get them, instead of pretending I am asleep......I guess I should be glad he still loves me and wants to be with me .....I mean I do look like John Goodman.......

or should I worry about the Bear????

Thanks TrainWreck - really, really this was joke

This weekend - I am getting my hair done, my make up done and having a professional photographer take some pictures of me........then I am going back and doing it again !!! LOL

Ok - everyone try this.....I was going to post the results on here, but decided it was too maybe I will if I can get some better looking celebs.....or at least some women !!

I am going home now to love on my least they don't care if I look like John Goodman.

Until next time.
Happy Trails !!


Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

OMG! I was going to do it but am thinking twice about it now, my luck I would be mostly likely John Candy! Ha! If you want to steal away this week join us cowgirls in Buffalo River we have an extra spot!

Train Wreck said...

OH that is not right! You are obviously more beautiful than anyone they have to compare too! You just frazzled the computer!!

ForUsThreeGirls said...

uh yeah - I did it once too and there is a reason I never posted mine either. Like you, it made me really thankful my hubby sees "something" in me...LOL of course I was 30lbs lighter when we met - ugh!!!

ps - love the show shirt - hope y'all rock the show this weekend!!!

Twinville said...

Oh lordie fordie! I was cracking up so hard I started cackling! (Not pretty, I assure you) I'm not laughing at you or because that thing said you look like Goodman, No siree. I'm laughing with you, and because you, lady, are just too dang funny!

I came over here from Train Wreck's blog and am so glad I did. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my list of favorites, because I plan to be back.

Laughter is good for the soul.....and maybe I'll try that face comparison thang. If I can muster up enough courage.
And if you promise not to laugh AT me.....


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