Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Horse Show

I have never been so nervous in all my life. Have been getting ready for this for weeks, but was fine...no nerves....until Friday....then it started. Crazy, crazy nerves. I went to Janet's to ride Rio, she was fantastic, did everything asked of her. But then everything Janet was telling me to do, was going in one ear and out the other. I could not retain anything. I just said to myself oh well, it will all work out. She had planned for me to wear a radio in my ear and she would talk me through it.
Took Rio home and tucked her in. Swam Friday evening to relax and had a few beers, and played Wii. Went to bed at around 11pm and at 6am I was wide awake, and those big gigantic birds were in my gut.
Got Rio out and scrubbed her clean, braided her tail and mane.....thanks Janet and Jen for helping me. Also thanks Jen for helping me do everything that morning. I had no brain. About 15 minutes before we left I started feeling sick.....then I threw up on the driveway....LOL.....everyone was laughing at me.....including myself.
Drove to the show, and was kinda getting excited. Drank a couple of beers to try to calm the nerves. Got the show clothes on and man it was HOT !!!
Got her all tacked up (Gosh she was pretty).....rode her around the showgrounds a bit, I thought she would be nervous too, but she acted like a pro.
Then it was time for my class, I was only supposed to show in one class, but Jim and Bear ended up signing me up for another one right after the one I was going into. Which freaked me out again. But I was trying to be a big girl....
Went into the ring, and felt I was doing okay......did my thing.....or I think I did, I actually just could not believe I was in there. Did the slow walk, then the favorite gait....okay going smoothly. The judge asked for a reverse.....I am thinking okay - turn toward the judge - one handed now. And then I realized I just did a 360.....OMG.....what did I just do????? Janet was in my ear, "Turn back around!!!!!" and goofy me hollered out......"I AM!!!" I guess not thinking that everyone could hear me.......Everyone just laughed. So I did a reining manuever in a gaited show....LOL !!!! We lined up and Rio backed for me really nicely. Bless her heart - she was probably thinking......."I need to get this right - Mom has already made and Ass of herself" There were only 3 horses in this class and I did get 2nd. So I was glad.
Next class......I just stayed in the ring....and low and behold I was the only participant.....oh great - not only am I a bag of nerves.....but now I have to be one with this whole place starring at me. Did the best I could and felt it was okay for my first show.....and guess what I got a 1st......LOLOLOLOL.....OK what else could I get....I was the only participant......(Do not tell anyone and they will never know. )
The judge did tell me that I had a gorgeous mare and I should be showing her every weekend. So there !!!! Or maybe he was just being nice......he was really thinking - you have a gorgeous mare - find someone who knows what they are doing to show her......no really - he was very very complimentary and very nice.
The best thing about the entire day was that all of my friends were there to support me....And my mom, my dad, my sister, and one of my daughters were there.
We had a blast and I cannot wait to do it again - I will be better next time......(remember 180 Jamie, not 360)

Some pictures:


Mrs Mom said...


Beer pre class huh? Well... least you didnt hurl that up! ;) hehehe

Horse showing is fun. I had forgotten HOW fun, and you gave me a great reminder of it here. Thanks girl!

Hugs from the Southland for ya ;)

Jamie said...

Yep.....better that than a valium, I figured better to throw up than pass out on the horse....LOL
Thanks and hugs right back at ya !

Callie said...

Congrats! You two look great! Her ears are so forward....love it!

Pony Girl said...

Great job, Rio looked gorgeous!! Quite the flashy pair you are!

I laughed at your big birds in the stomach nervousness....I remember when I showed as a youth, I'd be up all night and sick the next day, so anxious! The last time I showed was last spring. I took my gelding, when I was still leasing him, to a school show. I was recovering from an awful stomach/intestinal virus so I was still too weak and miserable to even be nervous!!

ForUsThreeGirls said...

Ya'll look awesome. Can't wait to see more pics and more ribbons!!!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congratulations! Isn't that a great feeling to know that you completed a show? I love putting nerve-wracking things behind me.

Twinville said...

I'm cracking up imagining you yelling out "I Am!!" bwahaha!
I bet your face turned 5 shades of red! hehe

Sounds like it was an awesome day and now you have tons of experience under your belt for all future shows you'll be doing!

And Rio looked AMAZING!
You looked adorable in your outfit. Orange is my favorite color!

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone !!
I had a blast....even though I screwed up a bit....but heck live and learn - I bet I will never do that again....

And yes, I am glad it is over, but I now find myself getting excited for the next show (Oct 4th).

I love orange also, however, I am selling the shirt....it was too small...I knew it when it came, but it was too late for me to send back or re-order. I had to wear a sports bra so it would button, and it made my gut look bigger than my boobs....and I am proud of my big ole boobs....LOLOLOL, or just not proud of my big ole gut !!!
So I am going to sell it as a used shirt (worn once), and get me another.....I am leaning towards purple.....the orange made me look like a large pumpkin....

somebody said...