Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun Weekend....and meet my new girl !!

Had a wonderful weekend with friends, playing with horses, cooking out - just an overall great time.

Took Jag over and worked on his gait - tried a new bit, and he seems much more comfortable (I am more comfortable)

This is Rio - she is a 3 year old SSH that Bear and I have decided to keep....she has been in training for 30 days now and is doing great !!! I actually might show her some. Isn't she pretty. Jag is staying over for a week or so and they have become quite good friends.

Will continue to update how her progress is going - Bear rode her on Saturday, I am not quite ready for that yet....she is still a little too green for me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Been gone, been gone so long !!!

Sorry I have been out of touch....been crazy busy with work and have been camping and riding past two weekends.

Have been having a blast working with Jag - getting his gait correct.....i.e. learning how to ride a gaited horse.....his gait is just fine when someone who knows what they are doing is riding him.

Went and took a lesson with J. so doing so much better - still have lots to learn.

Had a friend loose her prize stallion yesterday to colic. I feel so bad for her, she loved him so much and he gave them so many great babies. His babies are the bombs.....great little SSH show horses. And Bumble Bee was a great show horse himself. He will be missed. Cross on over that Rainbow Bridge Bumble Bee and we will all see you one day.

Supposed to go to a trail challenge this weekend, but it might get rained out - supposed to rain on Friday really might make for a muddy mess on Saturday.

Hopefully, I will be able to keep up my blog better.....plan to not travel for next couple of weeks anyway.
Until next time