Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to me !!!!!! SURPRISE !!!!!

Well not today, but it was March 18th......
My sweet-sweet hubby Bear threw me a surprise birthday party on March 15th.

He woke me up that morning and told me we had to run errands, and I had to go with him.

So we got ready - drove to Montgomery (capital city of Alabama....) to pick up farrier supplies. While we were there - he suggested we go to the tack store (Twisted spur) he wanted to look for a few items....sure by me....I could look for some jeans - and I did - bought me a new pair of Cruel Girls. Then of course, we had to stop by BassPro in Prattville, and ate there of course, the best resturant ever !!!

We then needed to run by our old barn and pick up some hay we had stored there, and ended up getting back to Clanton around 3:30....ran by the grocery store to pick up a couple of items and when we were heading to the driveway - I said to Bear.....

"Someone is at our house" (I could see a car - then I could see many, many cars).....he said "Happy Birthday"

He is such a stinker......he had one of my very best friends Jen handled everything - clean my house (thank goodness it was not too bad).....and coordinate everything. Called everyone - decorated.....and just downright handled it !!!

I have never been more excited and surprised in my life. They had everything decorated.....a horsey wings.....and beer for me !!! Woo-Hoo !!!

Here are a couple of shots of the day .......... we did not take pictures after the sun went down !! for various reasons.....LOLOLOLOL

Me - when I got out of the truck.......SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!

This is Jen......she is a sweet-heart and one of my bestest friends!

Kat taking pictures

Even Sugar got in on some action, when her friend Mollie came to play

My cute horsey cake !!!!

My BFF J. (on left) and the fun fun fun fun Beck (on right)

My forever and ever BFF - Stacy

Kat - are those real?????

We got crazier as the sun went down !!

Anyone notice the mardi-gras beads around my neck.

(I was good - I promise......teehee)

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this scheme !!!!

I have the best friends in the entire world and I am truly blessed to be loved by all these people.

Most of all - I have a wonderful husband who loves me !!! I love you Bear !!