Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sad weekend !!!

Well last Thursday I spent the night with my mom in the hospital - she had a minor surgery, but had to spend the night....it was not bad - got plenty of sleep. But on my way to work, I got a call that Bear's grandfather passed away. Oh my - I had to call Bear and tell him....that was so hard to do. Bear was pretty close to his grandfather and it just broke my heart. Bear was actually closer to his grandmother who passed away in 1987, but I believe got closer to Papa George after that. He was crazy about his grandparents - both of them. He spent his summers there in Childersburg, hunting birds, fishing and just being a spoiled grandson.
George Limbaugh was a very important person.....he was the Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce in Childersburg, was very high up on the Historical Society, was instrumental on the preservation of the Kymulga Grist Mill and Covered Bridge restoration. So needless to say there were lots and lots of people at the funeral. They had it in Childersburg at the 1st Methodist Church of Childersburg on Sunday at 1:00. 4 of the grandchildren spoke about Papa George and then his son-in-law Dale Lloyd (his daughter's husband - Bear's Aunt Lynn) gave a great speech about Papa loving his church, country, city and family. It was heart wrenching, but very very good. We laughed and cried. He was put to rest beside Bear's grandmother Allean. Bear is not a person that shows his emotions. Both the girls were just heartbroken to see him shed a tear. He was able to put a single rose on his grandmother's grave after the funeral services. He has been so quiet for about 4 days now. I know he misses them both terribly. This happens as we get older, we start loosing family. My grandfather Joe Narro, died about 5 years ago, he was like my father and I do not go a day without thinking of him. I know that Bear will be the same way. Lots of our friends called to say how sorry they were. That meant a lot to Bear. Our riding club sent a plant, and that was very very sweet and also meant a lot to Bear.
Papa George -you will be missed terribly......you did great things for your church, city, country, and most of all family and they will all miss you.....even me.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Where the heck??????

Ok - where the heck have I been.....busy as crap !!! Crap is pretty busy...LOL
Now to recap: Went to Tennessee to ride horses in October.....great, great trip...only had one meltdown. Every once in while, I just seem to get very nervous riding. I cry, act like a baby, just pretty much have a come-apart. I rode fine on Friday - no problems....we rode at the Smokey Mountain Institute - which is pretty hard riding, but I was fine. Jag started acting like a butt on the way back down the mountain so Bear traded horses with me and I rode Chance. We swapped back after about 30 minutes and he had gotten him back in line with his spurs. I ride in spurs also, but I don't use them like Bear does. But all was well....I enjoyed the ride, the beer, the company of my friends, Janet, Jim, Teri, Butch, Herb, Krystal and of course "my" Bear. We went back to the gorgeous cabin, drank bloody mary's and had a great night in the hottub. Got up Sat morning and I felt it coming on. I cried before we even got down to the barn. I just felt sick in my stomach thinking I had to get on my horse. I think this happens just because I have had so many accidents. Even though none of them were really bad.....they still happened. Anywhoo.....we got tacked up and I started drinking beer thinking it might make my aprehensions go away. We started up the blacktop (45 minutes) towards the trail to ride into Cades Cove. I cried and cried.....Bear was more understanding than normal and really really helped me get through it. I probably was cooky for about 2 hours, but got better and was really fine by lunchtime, and really enjoyed the ride. We got back and enjoyed the hottub more - went to bed, got up the next morning, packed and went home. Boy the horses were sure glad to be home.......they just rolled and rolled......thinking they were saying "Glad those big booties are off my back".....LOL

I was sure thinking we would be home for a while, but no Bear decided we would go to Stinkin Jims in Mississippi the next weekend. So we loaded up on Friday morning and headed out. Great ride, great trails.....Janet, Jim, Butch and Teri and Bear and I went with the club. Had about 30 riders. We cooked chili one night and had a shrimp boil the next. Really really good time.

For Thanksgiving we planned to go back to KC Ranch in Double Springs, Alabama. If you have never been - go there.....it is our most favorite place to go. Ken and Carol are great and have a fantastic place there. We went down on Thursday morning, did not ride on Thurs - just set up camp and enjoyed the campfire. We got up on Fri and rode pretty much all day. Man oh man it was cold.....Had chili on Friday night that I cooked with deer and elk meat and it was good. Got up Sat and rode again.....a little bit warmer, but the rain was coming. We rode for about 3-4 hours and the rain came. Thank goodness I brought my new rain coat that Teri and Butch gave me.....it is a cool little backpack that converts into a rain coat. We got back to camp and ate in the dining hall and prepared for the Ala/Aub game. Our big rival game. Of course - 5 years in a row now the Auburn Tigers beat Alabama ..... WAR EAGLE !!!!!!
Got up Sunday morning - packed up and came home.....

Well, well, well - I caught you all up pretty fast......greatest part of all of this is not one accident for me.....I did not come off one time.....and Jag had a couple of little fits....he gets so excited when he cannot see his precious Chance.....buddy sour horse !!!! I am getting better and better with my confidence.....Janet helps me so much - teaching me how to sit better in my seat....it is hard because when you are nervous you tend to lean forward and in order to get your horse to gait better and be more comfortable you need to sit back.

Will try to be a better blogger and not wait so long to post - holidays are coming up and I do not have my tree up, have not bought one gift.....eeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!

Planning a riding trip to Circle E in Belvidere, TN from Dec 26th to Jan 1st......Very excited as we have never been there and everyone says it is so much fun......will keep you all posted on what goes on before then......especially my CRAZY family at Christmas.......

love ya - mean it !!

Monday, October 22, 2007

So, I had a wonderful weekend - riding.....not falling..LOL

Here is Jag getting ready to ride on Saturday....he is a little dirty, but I did not mind.

We rode at a little place called Creek Valley - it is here in Clanton where I live. We are getting the horses in shape to go to Tennessee to ride in the Smokey Mountains this weekend.

Here are three of my friends that I rode with - Left to right......Katrina, Teri and Janet. They are all three hoots and so much fun to ride with.

Will post lots more next week after I get back from the trip.....Say a little prayer that I don't need my seatbelt.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ok - so might get a little carried away today.....I mean it is my first day for crying out loud.
I went back and read what I had written and forgot to mention that I did just get a new horse....a filly.....a spotted saddle horse filly.....her name is Chick......that is "Pusher's Hot Chick"...I guess I forgot to mention her because I don't have her home yet. We are going on a 4 day trail ride in Tennessee at the end of Oct and I will bring her home afterwards.
Going to try to post pictures of Chance, Jag and Chick now.....

This is Jag.....he is a 8 year old Spotted Saddle Horse which means he is gaited.....which is a very smooth ride and that is good after you hit 40.

This is Chance, he is a 10 year old TWH horse. He is awesome and we love him very much....

Ok cannot get the pix for Chick to post so I will try again tomorrow.

Maybe I will start on my falling escapades......or tell you about my CRAZY friends...

love for now.


Why the name?

Ok - this is my first blog.....but I really love reading everyone else's so I thought - what the heck? I can do this....God knows I have lots to tell and everyone who knows me knows that I never quit talking.....LOL...
Anyway I guess I should start by telling about myself and why the name for the blog. I am a horse lover.....by that I mean LOVER.....I love everything about them, their smell (right !!!), their coats, their eyes, their ears, their tails, their feet, but most importantly - The Ride.....
I consider myself and my hubby "The Bear" avid trail riders, by that I do not mean the best....I just mean we do it all the time - trail ride that is....LOL
Well I do have trouble staying in the saddle.....it has almost gotten comical.....Bear says he is making me a seatbelt....he says that all the time....whatever !! Anyway I thought the name for my blog was appropriate since I have come out of the saddle about 5 times in the last year. I even have pictures to prove it.....
I am a mother of two girls. They are 22 and 21 right now and they youngest "H" has just gotten married. Now that was something - be glad I started blogging after the wedding. I was a basket-case - not because of her getting married - I love "R" (who she married), but just all of the stress of getting everything organized.
Anywho.....I am on my second marriage....not don't think bad of me....I was married 11 years the first time and am going on 10 this time.....so it was just one of those things. I will be married to Bear forever.....I luff him !!!!
Bear is a farrier - he shoes horses.....how convienent.....for me anyway you think....oh no - just like being married to a plumber - who sink is always clogged.....I have to beg to get the boys shod. We always do last minute shoeing before we go on a trail ride.
My horses names are Chance and Jag. Chance being Bear's horse - TWH chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. Mine being Jag - a Spotted Saddle horse who is dapple grey and white. I named him Jag because he is my first gaited horse and it was like riding in a Jaguar....LOL
I will post pictures of them both when I figure out how....
Stay tuned as I will be recapturing some of my falls.....still explaining the title.....and also tell you about some of my crazy friends.....believe me you will want to be here for that.....
Love and kisses - until next time.....