Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rio the "Showgirl"

Here is the last minute we decided to take her to the Columbiana Walking Horse Show this past keep in mind - she has only had 60 days of training, never been in a show ring, or anywhere for that matter. It was just a fun thing that we wanted to do just to see how she would do.
Now this is a huge show - horses from all over that do this every weekend. She was in a class of 9. Gaited Country Pleasure. There was music, noise, people screaming, white plastic stuff all around flapping. She went in there and acted like she owned the place. Never once acted scared. She got in, settled, and went to town.
"She took 3rd"
We were so proud - I even started crying....I was just so proud of her!!!!!

She loved the attention - all day - everyone oogling over her - bathing, braiding, scratching, rubbing....etc....
She is such a good girl, and we have fallen head over heels......
Thinking we might have found her "thing"....we will see.

Thanks to all my friends who helped get her ready, came to the show, and cheered her on.
I love you guys !!!
(Also BIG THANKS to Janet who showed her..and trained her - you are the best.)
Happy Trails and Showring !!


Flying Lily said...

Hey congratulations! That is terrific and what a lovely girl for handling that like a pro. When I had first gotten my Kentucky Mountain Horse I took him to a big horse expo for the breed parade. He did fine until the terrifying mini-horses came in after us, at which point he decided he would save both our lives by exiting the arena at a full gallop. Fun times!

Callie said...

Congrats, cute filly! I've got a question for you, because clearly you have gaited horses. I have a gaited mare, a SSH. Just started to ride her this year and I'm used to saddling a quarter horse. I bought a saddle with full bars and It looks like a good fit, but do you have any tips for saddling a gaited horse. I tried my semi quarter bars saddle on her that used to be used for a TWH, when I bought it and I think it pinched her shoulders. So any advice? If you don't mind?

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