Monday, October 6, 2008

What a day !!!!!

I have to say the show was a great success. I got 2-1st places, 1-2nd place and overall points for gaited classes.
I had a wonderful time, and my GREAT friends were there hollering for me and supporting me.
I think I like this showing thang !!!! I think Rio does too.
Jag went to his new home on Sunday - I gave the girl a 2 week trial with him, but she, her husband and son have already ridden him and they really really like him. Me too, but I just can't ride more than one, and I have stolen Rio from Bear !! LOL - and he tells everyone....
I have had to train new people for the past two weeks so hopefully after all of this I can catch up on everyone. I have not been commenting, but have been reading when I can.
Love you all


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on all those well-deserved wins, Jamie!!

The amazing photos of you smiling and then giving the thumbs up were so beautiful and inspiring! Made me smile HUGE!!!

I am tickled purple for you!
Which by the way is my favorite color for a black/white horse. All my tack and gear is black and purple for my paint mare, too.
I've gotta get me some black jeans and a purple shirt, though. Your outfit just rocks!

You looked prfect out there on Rio! Congrats!!

I am just so dang happy for you. I just better stop blabbering. haha!

Woot! Woot!!


Train Wreck said...

Congratulations ! How awesome!! I was getting a little worried about you! You sure came back with a bang!!Pretty Lady!

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Whoo hoo! way to ride girl.
So happy to hear you are riding and doing well. Keep up the good work. Your Rio is beautiful, just like you!

Callie said...

Oh Congrats! You look great on your horse! Awesome awesome job!

Mikey said...

AWESOME!! Congratulations! You look all kinds of great there! Slicked up and shiny pretty! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...