Friday, September 5, 2008

Playing "Catch Up"

I have been here, I promise....some of you have seen my comments I have made on your blogs, so I have been reading, just have not had the chance to blog.
After the sister crisis, being off work so much, then Labor Day, I have just been trying to play catch up at work - which is mostly when I blog (don’t tell). When I get home each day, I have to take care of the animals, the Bear, return farrier phone calls, wash clothes, cook, clean up, etc.... You all know the drill. By the time I could even get to the eyes are crossed. Anyway - just giving an idea of why I have been away.
On to bigger and better things......I have a meme to fulfill and an award to claim. I think I will claim my AWARD first.
Trailridingcowgirl over at All Things Horse bestowed upon me the "I love your blog" award
....I am so excited....see secretly I have always wanted this one.....I mean first of all it is pretty, and second it means someone does love my blog....
When I first started doing this, I just compared myself to the others I had been reading, those who have been doing this for a long time, and I sucked !! LOL But now after getting comments, awards, etc. I have realized I just need to be myself, tell my stories and the rest will come naturally.....and with a little help from my BBF’s, who have helped me along the way.
There are so many blogs out there who I love to read, so I don’t want to overlook anyone.
But here are just a few (all you others I love you too!!)
I know some of you already have this award, and you don’t even have to mention that I gave you another one - just know I love you !
Oh Horse Feathers - one if my first bloggy friends
The Horseshoeing Housewife - who I missed badly when she was gone
Cowboys, Kids, and Sunsets - I love your photos and artwork (I have one !!)
Nuzzling Muzzles - Your horses are gorgeous
Laughing Orca Ranch - one of my newest bloggy friends
You guys can pass it on it you would like...(I say no rules for this one!)
There are so many more out there that I read, and you all know because I try to comment as much as I can.
I am so lucky to have made friends with all of you.
So now - still catching up.
A week or so ago - TrainWreck tagged me with a tell 7 Strange Characteristics about myself.....Well not sure if these are characteristics or flaws....LOL
But here goes. I am not going to tag anyone else....but please feel free to "Tell us all !"
1. I too, do not eat chocolate (like TrainWreck), in fact I pretty much do not eat sweets. Now, I love candy (anything gummy), but pies, cakes, etc....just do not have the "like".
2. I love beer. I would rather drink a beer than a softdrink. I am not an alcoholic, but I do have a beer or two a couple of nights a week - I like the taste !!
3. I have a belly ring that I do not wear anymore - I have gained too much weight and it gets lost...LOL....I also have a tattoo of a heart with a rose going through it on my right shoulder. I really really want another one!! I want a tramp stamp on my lower back.
4. My two dogs sleep with me the bed. I have a boxer and a weenie dog, and they sleep between Bear and I. He hates this and it gets a little hairy when we fool around..LOL
5. I love to skinny dip. I have a pool and it is pretty much hidden from the public. But I also like to skinny dip in the lake or river......I just feel free !
6. I have 2 jobs. The one I have been doing for 15 years (Office Manager) and for the past 5 years I have been Bear’s "do-aller". I schedule all his appts (he is a farrier), I return all phone calls, I answer questions about abcesses, founder, etc. I do his books also. I am a very tired person.
7. Last but certainly not least......I hate underwear - panties I mean. I have to wear a bra. But I do hate panties. They bind....they hurt. I do wear them when I wear a skirt or dress, but with shorts or jeans......I go Commando !!!!!
Well that is about it.....don’t judge !!! LOl
Please feel free to take this own over to your blog and tell all !!
I am getting another post ready, we went to Seven Spring Lodge this past weekend, and it was an was gorgeous....but we got in bees, and Jag tied it was scary. Will try to get that one done no later than Monday.
Again, thanks for all the support and prayers for my sister....she is home now and doing great !
Love to you all


Mrs Mom said...

Aww Jamie!!! Thank you girl- it means a lot to me coming from you. THe BEST news though is that Stevie is HOME and doing so well!!! That is totally excellent!

hehe-- i'll do my level best to eat all the chocolates that you and Train Wreck don't want ;) In fact, I'll swap you beer for (But you will NOT get my beef! ha~)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Thank you for the award, Jaime... and congratulations for receiving it! Love the links!

Spacing between paragraphs has always been a problem for me with Blogger. I've learned to upload pictures first, and then input text, because uploading pictures after the text has been input creates a bunch of excess lines. I haven't had problems with not getting any lines, though. Try moving between the Compose tab and the HTML tab and play around with spaces in each. Then view in Preview mode to make sure it will look the way you want it.

I'm about ready to lodge a complaint with Blogger, because if I am in Compose mode, and I delete some text, I can inadvertantly delete my pictures, and then I have to upload them all over again. I'm to the point where I'm copying the HTML for the pictures, so I can just paste it back in each time I delete one by accident. Ahhh, the Blogger woes...

Twinville said...

Oh thank you Jamie! You are so sweet. I know i've already been given this same awrd several times, but it just means so much coming from you. I love your blog and always look forward to checking in to see what's new.

I have to say some of your weird things kind of weirded me out, though. hahah! But I love how true to yourself you are and hoe easily you find joy in the simple things and how much you seem to appreciate the preciousness of life.

I also just wanted to thanks for stopping by my blog to wish me a happy birthday yesterday and giving me such stellar advice and kind support. It is much appreciated.

Love ya!

Trailboss said...

I found your blog through another, can't remember which horsey one it was now! I was reading and I see that you have a boxer. I have 2 boxers that I post about a lot. Come on over and check it out. I love and own horses too!

Train Wreck said...

LOL! You crack me up Commando Jamie! So funny! THank you for the award!! You are so sweet!NM is right about the spacing!!Best to upload photos first!

Anonymous said...