Thursday, August 28, 2008

Testing .....testing.....testing....1..2..3

Ok, thanks Nuzz Muzz for telling me I am going to try.

This is just a test....for the next few will only be a test...LOL

Nuzzling Muzzles

Cowboys and Sunsets

This is cool !!!!!

Will try to get my other post done this afternoon....if I can get a trying to come up with 7 strange things about me......I kinda feel like I am copying TrainWreck's post.....several of her characteristics apply to me as well.

Thanks again Nuzz Muzz !!! Your the best !!


Train Wreck said...

Awesome !! Look at you! Soon you will be re writing the HTML codes and adding widgets!! Congratulations!

Twinville said...

NM is so sweet for helping you. She's just a wonderful all around gal! :)

Your blog looks great, and now I want to know about those 7 strange things! hehe


Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Hey you out there?

I just gave you an award, come on over and pick it up....

Train Wreck said...

Hey friend! Congrats on your award! Sounds like you have been busy!! Hope you took lots of pictures if it was for relaxation! I have been thinking of your sister, how is she doing?? Hope all is well!

somebody said...