Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Always a bride's maid - Never a bride ???!!!!???

Well hello there everyone.......trying to get myself back in the swing of things. Thanks again for all your support......please continue to keep my family in your prayers.....Mom and Dad seem to be doing a little better.....day by day....is what I say.

Had a wonderful weekend. Had the show Saturday and then the Horse Fair all weekend, however we only attended Sunday for the Ultimate Trail Horse Competition and it was FANTASTIC !!!!

It is amazing what people can get their horses to do, without even knowing what kind of obstacles they will have. One friend of ours (only 17 years old) taught her spotted saddle horse to sidepass the day of the competition, and he did awesome. Horses amaze me sometimes.....heck most of the time.

Show Saturday was GREAT......Got 2nd again (hence the title of my post here), but that is okay. I, first of all, showed one-handed which is what I will have to do this year if I plan to show in any sanctioned shows, and I have really been sweating it. Rio is not the best neck reiner....she is still learning.....but with the use of my pinkie and my index finger we did great. 2nd of all, the girl that beat me last week, got 3rd after me.....and let me tell you - she is awesome and is the high point leader in that club.....so overall I was proud. Plus, I am just doing this for fun, right? I am starting to feel a little bit competitive. It sure is fun though, and Rio loves the attention.

I have some pictures that my friend Jen took, but I have to get them off her camera, so I will post some pics soon.

Guys, I promise I am going to get back in the swing and get back to visiting with everyone. I really need to spend an entire day catching up on everyone's blogs. But I will do it - I promise.

Callie at MidWest Horse Blog gave me a sweet Lemonade award (well I don't know if the lemonade was sweet or not.....LOL). But it was too sweet of her......it is for those who show a great attitude and it made me feel so good, considering what has just gone on in my life.
Love you Callie....oh and your fishies too....

I am going to lovingly display it here on my blog, so it can remind me to keep a great attitude, no matter what.

I am pretty sure that almost everyone has gotten this award, but feel free to grab it and post it proudly. I don't know anyone in this blogosphere who has a bad attitude, or if they do - I do not read their blog....

Having a tack sale this weekend or my riding club is. I am really looking for some English tack. I am thinking of showing in Ladies Racking and it is only English attire. So gonna start looking. Although I hope I do not have to wear jodhpurs.....my butt is toooooooo BIG !!

Have a great rest of the week.....

Love you all



Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Whooohooo! Way to go Jamie! I'm so proud of you. It means a lot that you beat out the gal that you beat you last time, too! Second is nothing to sneeze at, for sure!

I'm amazed that you two are neck-reining. It's not easy either. I want to train my mare (and me) to neck rein as soon as I'm I'm able to ride again.

Congrats on the award, girlfriend. You totally deserve it. You are always so upbeat and positive. I've been thinking about you and your parents and family.

I'll be sure to keep them all in my prayers, too.


Mrs Mom said...

Excellent Jamie!! You and Rio are going to have a BLAST this year!!!

Prayers go out daily from us for you ;)

Cant wait to see the show pix!!

Mucho Hugs to yas!

Train Wreck said...

Yes of course you and your family are in my daily prayers. It will ease in time.
Congratulations on your win.(It is still a win) How fun, yes hurry and post pictures. I can't wait.
Thank you for your birthday wishes, I felt a bit selfish, I really do try to be a happy person. Some days I just, can't help it. I never forget to be thankful,for all my blessings though.

Callie said...

Congrats on 2nd, Nothing wrong with that! Sounds like a fun time! Keepin' you all in my prayers as well!

The W.O.W. factor said...

You are off to a great start this year Jamie! Keep having fun while you ride!
Hugs & Prayers~

Rising Rainbow said...

There's an award waiting for you at my blog. Come take a peek!

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