Monday, January 12, 2009

Some wonderful words !!

Just a couple of things we got today from friends.
I am doing okay, viewing was today (there were over 300 in attendance) and funeral tomorrow.
Just trying to be strong for my family.
Thanks for all the prayers from you all. I knew I could count on you all for wonderful support, and I promise the prayers are working.

From a friend of my mom's, a poem she wrote for Stevie

Through The Eyes of A Child
For You my child, the Good Lord said, I have a special gift
So, please my child understand why I gave you this
You will always see life in a different view than everyone
You will see the good in all and make sadness into fun
You will touch the lives of so many and make their problems seem so mild
You my child will always see through the eyes of a child
There is one thing I must ask, I need you in heaven soon
For angels like you are very far between & few
I know your loved ones here on earth will miss you greatly my dear
But they will find great comfort in knowing you are here
And until you meet again with them here above
You should know my child that you left behind great love
Written by: Kelli Thomason for Stevie01-12-09
This next is a letter type eulogy. Stevie was in a hospital for about 13 weeks a couple of years ago, for Prader Willi Syndrome kids. This letter is from one of the other patient's moms.
I believe, if we are lucky enough in life, we will meet only a few people who are destined to make a positive difference in our lives. Purely out of chance, we were blessed to meet a unique young woman, Stevie Marie Glass, who we will never forget.
We met Stevie at the Pittsburgh Children’s Institute in November, 2005. Our youngest child, Alex, was a participant in the Prader Willi program along with Stevie. During our first week-end visit, two weeks after Alex had begun this journey, Stevie had just arrived. Much like Alex, Stevie was unhappy being there as she missed her family immensely. One evening, at the beginning of the meal, a nurse announced that Stevie Glass would be joining everyone for dinner. It was the first time since her arrival that Stevie would be joining everyone without the assistance of her wheel chair. Those who were there for Prader Willi weight loss and management , as well as the staff, gave Stevie a standing ovation, clapping and cheering her on. My daughter Amy and I, both choked up, joined in and cheered for Stevie also.
Stevie was on her journey, losing weight, and understood her unique needs in order to attain a healthy lifestyle. From the moment we were introduced to Stevie, we knew that we would have a lasting friendship. We continued our relationship through telephone calls and occasional letters after Stevie and Alex returned home. Stevie had a lifetime of physical and medical challenges. She never dwelled on herself and was always cheerful and optimistic. She loved talking not about herself, but about her amazing family that she felt so blessed to have: her mother Mary, her father, Donald, her sister, her nieces, her little dog, and boasted most about her Grandma Sarah who she spent much her time with. She always wanted to know how her friend, Alex was doing. She was interested in how Alex’s older sisters, Amy and Aryel were doing, as she had met both. She wanted to be certain that my husband and I were healthy and was very happy to know that both married daughters had “provided” Alex with a new baby niece and nephew! Although Stevie had never met our older son, she would ask about Aaron and his wife. Stevie often told me that when she regained her strength after being in the hospital, she was looking forward to eventually becoming a nursery school assistant; she would have been an asset working with young children! Stevie exuberated unconditional love to everyone she met!
She had no preconceived opinions or prejudices. She had an aura of goodness, pureness, and innocence. Although she lived a short life, her mere existence made our world a better place. Stevie believed in a kind and loving God; she expressed this through her words and actions.
Each year on the anniversary of her death, our family will light a candle for her called a “Yahrzeit Candle”. We will light a candle for her annually in Stevie’s memory and will recite the Mourner’s Kaddish. The Mourner’s Kaddish is one of the unique Jewish responses to bereavement. Although saying Kaddish is not a theological pronouncement, it is the traditional Jewish way of responding to death. It is an ancient prayer praising God for the world he has given to us. The words of the Kaddish(which we say in Hebrew) would seem to have the mourner saying, “Even at a time and place like this, we are grateful for the world and all the good things with which our lives are blessed”…..and our family believes that our lives have been enriched by knowing Stevie.
We will remember you Stevie as one with warmth and kindness. We will always remember your soft sweet voice, your laughter and your grace. Your untimely death leaves a gaping hole in our hearts. We take comfort knowing that you are now at peace and free of pain.
God Bless you,Your friends, Anita, Bob, Alex Ashe and extended family
I just thought these things kinda give you an idea of what kind of person she was, or should I say what kind of angel she was.
She truly touched many many lives, and to see the 300 people coming in that funeral home, was a true statement of that.
Love you all


The W.O.W. factor said...

Both writings are beautiful Jamie.
They reflect the inner beauty of Stevie and how she graced the world and life.
Know that we are with you in these days of sadness.
Many Hugs, Lady.

Train Wreck said...

Yes they were both very touching. You have been a constant in my thoughts, and prayers. I looked up the disease she suffered from. How hard it must have been on you and your family to help her deal with all the symptoms. What a great family you have. If there is anything you need please let me know.I am here for you my far away friend.

Callie said...

They were beautifully written and I'm sure spoken. Something of great comfort during this sad time. Please take care. I'm honestly so shocked and sad for you.

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