Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cookbooks for Sale.....for a Horse Rescue.

I am on a horse forum with some great people. Last year, we had a horse show to raise money for a great horse rescue in Georgia called Sunkissed Acres. Lori is a great girl and does an amazing job with her rescues.

This year we had a horse show again, and raised her a good bit, but also - us, girls got together and put together a cute little cookbook.

Thought I would put it on my blog, and if you are so inclined, click the link below and you can order one for yourself or a gift for someone.

Here is the link: Cookbook order

Just wanted to say thanks, and feel free to pass it on.

BTW: I have a couple of recipes in is mine, but the others I stole from friends and put my name on it........baaahhaaaaa !!! Just kidding, it says "Jamie and Friends"

Thanks for letting me share


Train Wreck said...

What a great idea! How are you? I am glad to be home. Vegas is fun for about 3 days, then it is old. I hope you are having a great week. Are you ready for Christmas??

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Jeff said...

What a great idea!
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