Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bringing Home Baby !!!!

Is that the cutest little SSH or what????? Well she is mine - all mine. I purchased her about 3 months ago and she has been at the owners until I was ready to bring her home. I kept putting it off....."We have trail rides and I don't want to leave her by herself"....."It is going to snow."...etc
Well my friend JM (where she is at) loaning me her little friend here....we call her Brown Baby.....Bear is not too happy, but oh well.....

This my friends is: "Pusher's Hot Chick" or Chick for her barn name. Her sire is Push It to the Limit out of Pusher's GC....and her dam is Caper's Hot Tail. She is a tri-colored SSH (Spotted Saddle Horse - which is just a gaited horse that is spotted - like a paint) She is 8 months old and the new love of my life. I am sooooooooooooo excited - she is coming home this weekend....not sure if Sat or Sun, but I will be doing a picture diary I am sure.

She is the sweetest little filly.....and soo gorgeous. She has a heart right on her forehead and cute little white lips lined with black. She is going to be one good looking girl.

When I first decided to purchase her....she was so standoffish, you could not put your hands on her.....JM worked with her some and I started trying to go over every weekend. 2 weekends ago I went out to the pasture and she was lying down......I was ready for her to jump to her feet, but she just laid there - let me sit beside her and pet her until I was ready to quit. I am so tickled to get her home and really start working with her. Bear has already trimmed her (or at least just played with her feet), but I am ready to really be able to play with her everyday.
Brown Baby is an "in your pocket" she has really helped Chick get over her titty babyness, so I am sure she will continue to help.

And OMG - wait til Chance sees her.....he loves the babies.

Here are some pictures I took a couple of months ago.....she now looks like a buffalo with her thick coat....

Look for the pictures on Monday of her homecoming.......


Mrs Mom said...

OOO I cant wait to see your new baby!!
She is adorable. Bet you have a blast with her, and I hope you take loads of pics to share with us!

Neat markings on her face there. Talk about a unique look!


Sheila said...

She is so beautiful.

Welcome to Blog Village. We have so many blogs these days it's hard to visit all.

somebody said...