Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wishy washy people !!!!

OK - Going to talk about this and will probably get bashed......please don't......I am really going to try to explain the best I can....but feel free to correct me....just don't hit me over the head with a tire iron....LOL

As everyone knows Bear is a farrier....well IMO the "best" farrier in the world....well okay he probably is not the best in the world.....just maybe Alabama.....or Central Alabama...Okay .... maybe Clanton.....
Anyway....we have clients now and then who want to try the "barefoot" thing.....well first of all - Bear loves barefoot horses.....he thinks that if they can go barefoot then wonderful. He even talks people out of shoeing horses sometimes that he thinks can go barefoot.....even talks people into pulling back shoes.....to test the waters - so to say.

Well here is my gripe about the entire thing......if you want to try it.....be prepared to make a commitment and stick to it.....it is not an overnight fix.....I actually just read a post from http://ohhorsefeathers.blogspot.com/ (hope you don't mind)......
Here is some of the post:
The next issue, obviously, is shoeing. If you have a barefoot horse, there won’t be shoe application involved. The entire to shoe or not to shoe debate is long, involved, and best saved for another day. That is an entire column unto itself, and will be examined here in the near future. While I personally am NOT going to tell you some of the things the ah, more "rabid" barefooters will- such as Shoes Are The Root Of All Evil- I WILL stand up and say that shoes have their place. (OOOO I see a spanking coming from the barefoot community! Bring it on…) Have I found that place yet? With one horse out of the thousands Dear Husband and I have seen over the years. One. There’s something to ponder for a moment.
When you are thinking about "trying" this "barefoot stuff" for your horse, you need to be aware of a few other things as well. If you have a horse who has been shod and stall kept for the vast majority of its life, switching to a barefoot trim style will require adjustments on YOUR part as well. If for whatever reason you are not willing to make significant lifestyle changes for your horse, and plan on leaving them still in the stall for the hours a day, with little turn out and restricted access to hay, then you need to leave the horse as he is. In this instance a barefoot trim will not help.This brings about a point I feel the need to make here as well. Anyone who tells you that Their Barefoot Trim Style is the end all be all cure all for EVERY situation is probably a nut job you might be better off shying well away from. While their intentions are good, we have seen too many horses lamed for no reason other than poor application of a fairly decent THEORY. Remember- the road to Hell is paved with "Good Intentions."

Point here being.....be ready for a lifestyle change....it might be you have to purchase boots in order to ride....it might be you have to really clean and paint the hooves daily instead of weekly....but just be prepared for a lifestyle change......she talks about stalling and blanketing also in her post....but something in here just hit home for me.
I have a friend / client who is a wonderful person - really really wonderful. And she loves her horses and wants to do what is best for them.....she reads a lot....all kinds of horse magazines constantly....so she is constantly second guessing herself.....should I blanket.....should I pull their shoes.....etc......so anyway she decided about 12 weeks ago that she would pull her horses shoes and try the barefoot thing.....even sent a magazine with Bear for him to read about barefoot trimming.....what she neglected to see was beside the before and after pictures were timelines - ranging from 7 months to 1 year.....now.....I never saw anything wrong with her horses feet to begin with except the fact that we are in a drout and all the horses have had flaky, dry feet and some have cracks, etc.....but I commended her for trying it.....I do believe that they are probably better off without shoes.....however....I also know that with the type of trailriding we do......I either need shoes...or will have to be committed with the boots. I know this.....
Well I am not sure if she just did not trust Bear or what - I guess because he is just a farrier and not a "certified" barefoot trimmer......she met a guy at our tack trade day and talked to him and set up a time for him to come out and do her horses.....now don't get me wrong - I am not frustrated at her for not using us.....however, I am frustrated that #1. I felt she did not trust Bear.....#2. She has not even given them enough time for the nail holes to grow out.......In other words she is not making the committment - which is what I believe ohhorsefeathers is saying.....no matter what the circumstance - be prepared to make a lifestyle change.

Does all of this make sense? or do I sound like a goober?
Just trying to say that when making decisions in life - don't be wishy-washy.....make the decision - stick to your guns - get through the tough stuff with your head up and make it work.
Now with all that said......Bear says he is ordering some barefoot trimming DVD's......I think his feelings are hurt.....I tell him never to take business personally.....but.....he is just like that.....he takes pride in what he does.

OK - my vent is over......thanks ohhorsefeathers for the use of the exerpt from your post and you are in my prayers with your problem over there with the filly.
Happy "Barefoot" Trails


Mrs Mom said...

Thats fine Jamie- and ANY time Bear has questions, my husband (a former shoer) LOVES to help. He has the heart of a teacher, and is always- ALWAYS- happy to help fellow horsemen out as much as he/ we can.

I will be posting more tonight on the Lifestyle and the changes made in order to have a sucessful transition from shoes to Barefoot. Please feel free to check in, use what you need to here, and ANYTIME you have questions, (Or Bear does) please by all means let me know!

Hey what DVD's is Bear looking into?

Jamie said...

Thanks Mrs Mom.
He is actually looking at Pete Ramey at hoofrehab.com
I think he has some DVD's. But any recommendations would be great. I appreciate it, and now after reading what all I wrote I feel I have painted the wrong picture......She is just wishy washy...a week after he pulled the shoes she wanted them back on because they were looking bad....anyway thanks for reading.

Mrs Mom said...

No Jamie- you did FINE. ;) Pete Ramey is excellent, and well suited to your geographical area. Good choice Bear!

I forgot - heres our email if you need us;

Barefooting is a hard lifestyle choice, and a lot of owners are too worried about the cosmetics. In the begining, things are going to look worse before they look better, and some folks just cant take that. They also want instant results- which will be another post on Oh HorseFeathers too...LOL (If ya want INSTANT, stick to OATMEAL! LOL)

Besides, if we hoof care folks didnt have someone to talk with and share stories with, then we would go NUTS! People always say that we have to have the Best Jobs... Yeah. Right.... Horses are fine, .... ;)
Hang in there--- you are doing great. ;)

Mikey said...

Howdy Jamie!
Love your blog, will have to bookmark. Love all the points being made, know the frustration w/the barefoot issue and clients who second guess themselves. You learn though. I get a new horse, we try barefoot, if it doesn't work, the horse is shod. Very simple. I've got one who I haven't trimmed in 4 yrs, has perfect feet. Another that I can't let go a day missing a shoe or he wears his foot to a nub. Every horse is different :)
That said,(there's my 2 cents :) love this blog,
I shall return!

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