Monday, January 28, 2008

Horsey Husbands ??? !!!!!

I am on a forum where people discuss stuff, sell stuff, encourage each other....basically just a bunch of friends from all over talk everyday......(I know I should be working...LOL). But over the weekend one of the members posted "Horsey Husbands???" It really got me thinking how lucky I am....I mean I am really lucky. I have several friends who's husbands can't stand the horses.....literally wish they were gone.....I have several friends who really don't care one way or the other.....but when you have a man/spouse/significant other, who shares your passion, it is just the best feeling in the world. So I am just sharing my post from the board.....

Bear and I married 10 years ago, after very ugly divorces with us both. Bear was a huge hunter and either hunted or fished every weekend. Now as a girl, I grew up with my dad breaking/training horses, and both my cousins were Racking Horse show-ers....I grew up and quit riding, got married and had kids. With Bear being gone alot hunting, I decided I needed a hobby, so he bought me a horse for Christmas. Now Bear has been riding a good part of his life, he and his wife lived in Opp, Alabama, and her cousin had a cattle farm, so he rode with them working cattle alot. I started going on trail rides with friends, and after a while he would come hang out at the barn I boarded at and just watch everyone, work on fences, etc (Bear is very handy). He also bought a horse and started riding with me instead of fishing. About 5 years ago, Bear lost his job, now he did not get fired, his job just re-located to Colorado Springs, and since we had 2 girls in high school, we could not move. He brooded and brooded about what he was going to do, and one day he said to me "Jamie, I am going to farrier school !" I almost died. I knew he loved the horses, but I just could not imagine. So off he went for 16 weeks - living part time in Georgia. I, at that time, was running a boarding barn, so my time went by quickly. I have never in my life been more proud of someone. He took it so seriously and actually graduated there with high points and some really good referral letters from the instructors.
Well here we are now and I never imagined that I would have a very nice LQ trailer, I would have a house where I could keep my horses and not have to board and we would go on week long trail camping trips. He loves the horses as much as I do. Now I give him grief and he gives it to me about getting more horses, and really has kept me grounded, when I could have gone way overboard.
Bear hunted twice this year, which is just incredible to me, knowing how much he loves to hunt, but he told me not too long ago when we were talking about it. He still loves to hunt, but loves being with me on the trail with our boys....(horses). I have several friends who do not have horsey husbands, and I am just so proud that I do.
Oh man....just being able to put it into words makes me love him even more....tell him if you see him....LOL

Thanks guys for letting me share too.
Hugs J.


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Jamie- GREAT POST!!

It has got to be The Best Thing EVER to have a husband who loves your hobby as much as you do. My ex husband couldnt give a rats patootie about horses, but Dear Husband now....

Well, lets just say you and I BOTH got incredibly lucky the second time around! Horses are our life TOGETHER now, and there is nothing that can compare to that.

I look forward to stopping in here more often to see what you have been up to, and to see some of Bear's adventures under horses too! ;)

Thanks for stopping in at Oh HorseFeathers! Drop by again!

Trail Riding Cowgirl said...

Oh how lucky you are. Mine is a non horsey husband. Although I have had horses since he met me some 25 years ago, he has never understood the connection I have with them. He tolerates them would be the best way to put it.
I often wondered what I would do if he actually shared my love for them. Welcome to blogging glad I found your site. Please visit mine at anytime as I am a trail riding lover as well.

Anonymous said...