Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday after the Snow......

Oh why - oh why could it have not waited until Monday to snow? It was gorgeous though. Thought we might get to ride the horses in the snow, but it was just tooooo darn cold. OK I know some of you might be in the 30 belows, but in the south we just don't see it. So when it is 30 degrees is darn cold....burrrrrr !!!!

We had a BIG tack sale scheduled for Saturday with our riding club, and thought it might be cancelled, but NO....we had it anyway - I am sure more people would have come, but we did sell 200 hamburgers...soooooo.

I bought a Tucker breastcollar (for my horse - LOL) that matches my saddle. A new purple saddle pad, a new winter blanket for Jag (and he was soooo happy when I got home and put it on him for the 18 degree night Sat night), a handmade saddle stand that Bear is going to stain for me for the living room (yes, I have a saddle stand and saddle in my living room, actually two), some bits for making stuff with horseshoes and Bear got a new Tucker is much nicer than mine....boohoo !!

When we got home there was much more snow than when we was sooooo pretty and was still there Sunday morning. It actually was still in the bed of my truck this morning. But we are supposed to get back up to 50 today (heat wave....), so I am sure it will all be gone when I get home from work. Although I will be happy since I spend 45 minutes hauling hot water to the horse troughs this morning trying to melt the 2 inch thick ice......

We are going to the Alabama Horse Council Horse Fair this weekend so should be fun. I have several friends competing in the Ultimate Trail Challenge. Wish I had the balls to do it......(I really do not wish I had balls....LOL)
Also bringing Chick home the next weekend, so hope to have more pictures of her.....I can't wait to get her home and start playing with her more. Also bringing home another baby for her to play with - I am not purchasing her, just says Bear.....LOL
Here is a picture of the snow, horses and Sugar (the boxer).....

TTFN - Hugs and Kisses til next time. J